Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pinoy01 Questions

I have recently received a series of question from a fellow DeviantArt member. I was very happy to answer these kinds of questions since I rarely receive any of them.

Pinoy01: I'd like to get your opinion the ff:

On a serious note (comics serious?) the philippines doesn't really have time to be reading comics, does it? should we be making comics at all

[IMO, comics are supposed to be fun and serve their purpose when they entertain the readers. we should make comics all the more since they not only entertain people but have the ability to inspire the youth. kids should be watching TV with shows like "Zaido" LOL]

Gio: I really don't believe that Filipinos doesn't have any time to read comics. The market is there. Wala lang major players that releases comics in a constant basis. Many people approaches me that they love reading comics.

Yung iba nga eh binabantayan talaga nila yung susunod na issue ng comics ko (which is issue#5).

For the question “should we be making comics at all?”

I don't know about the others, but for me it is a definitely YES. It is just a matter of what you want in life. What I want is to create comics, it is that simple. And influence young (even old) people is also what I want to do with my comics. As much as possible, I put moral lesson in my stories.


Pinoy01: I see you have designed a filipino superheroes do you think it is necessary for any filipino character design to fashion old native motifs (i.e. farmer, and the sultan look)? [IMO, character design is totally up to the designer. In fact, your Kalayaan looks really Cool. (and i have a young animu farmer who wears new balance shoes LOL) however, i think we should try to deviate from the traditional look i.e. "sultan look, etc." because it implies that we Filipinos are behind the times]

Gio: No, Pinoy Super heroes doesn’t have to be fashioned that way. But it also doesn’t hurt to do so either. It is just a matter of taste of the person creating the character. And his approach to the story that he/she have in mind for the character. You can have a character that is a Sultan, Farmer, igorot etc. but still looks cool and up to date in technology. It’s just a matter of how you tell the story (to see what I mean, read Kalayaan #3 :D)

As a technology guy myself (I work as a computer programmer), I have incorporated many new technology to my comics such as Nano Technology as the body armor of Kalayaan and his being is a result of a Genetic alteration. I also added in my story GPS, holographic projection, computers etc.


Pinoy01: and then finally: whew...! what is your stand on Filipino Comics than "speak" in English. [IMO, i have no problem with it] the reasons for these questions is that i am intrigued by your representation of a Filipino Superhero. i haven't seen any Pinoy Superhero that was done this good.

P.S crap i spelled Filipino with a small "f" several times. XDX

Gio: First of all thank you very much for your kind words for my work. People like you make it worthwhile creating comics. And thanks also for your questions/ small interview . These kinds of thing also keeps me in check with myself on what I stand for.

Back on the question “what is your stand on Filipino Comics than "speak" in English”. I also have no problem with it. In fact at first I was having a little trouble deciding weather I will put my comics on English or Tagalog. But later on I decided that I would go Tagalog for my comics. But the letter page is written in English and occasionally I throw in a couple of English conversation.

For me, our Tagalog language is evolving. Hindi na ito katulad dati na nag uusap na “Ngunit, subalit , dadapwat aking irog, sa ika ibuturan ng aking damdamin at puso ay ikaw lamang”. I did not write that just to make fun of it. Ipinakikita ko lang na ganyan ang mga Pilipino magsalita dati, pero hindi na ngayon. There are many English word today that unconsciously being use, even by ordinary people.

One day I was in front of a jeep. Sitting besides me is the friend of the driver. I could not help it hearing their conversation. “Alam mo pare, si pareng Criss sometimes nakaka offend yung mga sinasabi nya eh.” Nangiti na lang ako, when I realize that our language is converging with the western. Kahit si manong driver ay marunong mag English. :D

I could not see anything wrong on having a single language for the entire planet (can you?). Language barrier only keeps us apart from our brothers and sister abroad. Language barriers only create confusion, hate and sometime war. Because people think that they are different from one another because they simply speak differently. As an opposite, there are many advantages of having one language. There are too many to mention and my answer here is already too long. :D

Well I think I already slammed this one in… these are all just my opinion ok.. :D

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