Saturday, July 12, 2008


Marcos Mataro killing: serious blow against freedom of expression, religion

It was like any normal Sunday morning on April 27, except for the cloudy sky and mildly gushing of wind that was threatening for rain to fall. At the North Luzon Expressway toll gate in San Simon, Pampanga, at past 10 am, six gunshots, whose bang was mildly tempered by the wind that seems the incident’s tireless witness, tear the calm environ of this quiet area.

Few seconds more, some head turned. A little noise that was evolving to be a commotion soon pulled some feet and swayed them to trace what was believed to be a crime scene.

Unknowingly to these people who rushed their way to the scene, the person lying in the ground, dead, was Marcos Mataro, one of the main hosts of an investigative religious program on UNTV 37.
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