Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friends far and away

A few weeks ago. I just received an invite from my friendster account which I rarely check. To my surprise it was from my old classmate from collage. And from there, I got in touch to other of my old classmate and another and another. Well..., you know how this things works. You go the idea.

To my surprise. Most of them are already living abroad and happily married. America, Canada, Europe, etc. Thats where they are now.

I was kinda crazy talking to my self one day. "Anlang hiya... nangongopya lang tong mga to sa akin dati ah. Tapos ngayon naanduon na. Hehehehe."

All in all, I was very happy to get in touch to my old friends and classmate. Even thoe they are in the other side of the globe. This is one thing that I realy love about the internet. Being a tech guy my self. I never get tired of appreciating this technology. But getting in touch with many of my old friends/classmate, just got me appreciate it more.

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