Monday, May 14, 2007

Election in the Philippines

It's election once again. And I have become a good citicen and voted once again.
There were times that I really don't want to. Because of the frustrations that I feel for our government.

Politics here in the Philippines is dirty. Both figurative and literally. I will sarcastically say to my wife "Ooops, election nanaman. May brown out nanaman". And who is going to clean all of these election parapernalias around metro manila? Probably our poor metro aid. They should raise the salaries of these people. That's were should our taxes go.

In fairness, the precinct were I voted were surprisingly clean. There were very few paper laying around the streets. Compared to the last election. Last election was like the whole street were a big trash can. The jeepney drivers could not see the pot holes on the streets anymore.

Well..... until next election again.

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