Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morong Vacation

Last week, we had a family reunion in Morong Rizal for 3 days, and we went to a place called Daranak falls. And the place was amazing.

That is Mama (69), Me and Papa (77) posing at the camera. Recent sad events at some of the members of Bayan Knights had me think that I am very lucky to spend these times with both of my parents.

That's my beautiful wife Wendy, scardy cat Vannesa, Cutie Joyce and my Ate Gene.

Ate Gene with here cranky face.. :D

Papa is still like a big kid, always fooling around and always teasing Mama every chance he can. :D

See what I mean. Hahahaha :-)

Ate Gigi doing something with her food. On her back is her twin sons, Aaron and Eman.

My better half Wendy with our baby Catherine. And down on the waters is my pamangkin Tricia.

Me and my kuya Gerry on my favorite spot of the resort.

That is me recharging my strength.

At first, when my brother and sisters asked me to join them in this family reunion and Anniversary of my parents get together. I was hesitant, because I have may work to be done and many pages to draw. So what I did is I brought along some drawing materials with me.

Many of my pamangkin was very amuse and always looking at me while I draw. In those 3 days we stayed in Morong, Rizal. I have finished 3 pages of Kalayaan issue 7. Not bad for a guy on its vacation. :D


Jaybee said...

wow! ang sweet naman! hehehe asteeg ng place! at ang wacky ni pap mo hehehe alam ko na san ka nagmana! hehehehe inggit naman ako sayu sir Gio, ako kasi 16yrs old ako nung mawala si tatay... kakainggit! hehehehe

Gio Paredes said...

Hello Jaybee,
Buti naman at dumadalaw ka dito sa blog ko. :-)

Oo, sabi nga ng marami. Kay Papa raw ako nagmana ng sense of humor ko. :D

Mark Rosario said...

Naunahan ako ni Jaybee ah. Same reaction sana. Lam na nami kung kanino ka nga nagmana! Hahaha...

Hazel Manzano said...

ang ganda ng place! wow! 3 pages in 3 days? astig ka!

Gio Paredes said...

Nagulat nga rin ako nat naka 3 pages ako dun eh. :D