Monday, May 25, 2009

Panic mode once again

You may have noticed that I have skipped a few days of entry on this blog. It is because I am ultra busy with Kalayaan 7 that is due this June. That is why I am on panic mode once again.

With only 3 more pages to draw, I think Kalayaan 7 will be release at lease on the 3rd week of June. So hang on tight, I am doing the best that I can.

And I will probably skip blogging for a few days too. :-(



Ben 10 said...

Dude, so you print your own books, how much does a good copier printer cost nowadays that can handle a print run of 100 copies or so? Do you use a regular ink jet or laser printer? What model of canon printer do u use? Do you also print the inside pages or have them xeroxed off a master copy?

Gio Paredes said...

Hello Ben 10,
Yup, I print my own comic cover at home and photo copy the internal pages.

I use a Canon Pixma 1600

For more detailed "how to" on making an indie comics. I suggest that you read my previous entry on that subject matter. Here are the links






Ben 10 said...

Thanks for the links. I'm saving up for a printer/copier too, but I need A3 printing capability because I want a full-bleed magazine sized format to stand out plus more detailed artwork and more panels on the pages.

If the cost is too prohibitive, I might follow suit and get a Canon printer too.

Your advice on cheap ink refills is awesome! Laki talaga ng matitipid.