Monday, May 04, 2009

Spoilers again

First of all, I am so happy how the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton went. Some sports analyst says that in his personal opinion, Manny is now INDESTRUCTIBLE. I am some how starting to believe that statement because the first knock down of Hatton came from the right hand of manny. His right hand, not his powerful left hand. It only goes to show that he is listening to his coach and trainer to stay on the game plan. His fame did not goes up to his head and says to him self that "Yeah, I already know that". He continues to evolve to become beyond a complete fighter.

But, the fight yesterday was a little bit less exiting because of a certain person who spoiled it and text me that Hatton was knock out 2 hours before I see it on channel 7 (free TV). I will not name this person that I now hate. I will just let him doodle on the thing that he did.

After a few minutes or so, another friend of mine that now lives in Canada also text me that Hatton was knock out on the second round.

I remembered a few years ago I also have the same predicament when our neighbor went to us and told us the result of the fight before it was televised. I is very irritating when people do this. I takes away the exitement. So please next time, hold your over whelming joy and happiness to your self. So that I will be over whelmed with joy and happiness as well.


monsanto said...

Blame it on the very late channel seven showing of the fight with lots and lots of commercial breaks, we were not watching the fight at all, but all the commercials. Before we could go home from megamall everyone is talking about it already. Cant be helped i guess.

Gio Paredes said...

Yeah Sarge, that is true.
Natatawa nga ako minsan, kasi ang palabas ay laban ni Manny Pacquiao, tapos yung commercial Manny Pacquiao din.. hahaha. Grabe sa yaman.

Pero kung iisipin din, it's not Channel 7 fault. Like anybody else, they are just trying to earn money. Sa states kasi, may bayand (PAY PER VIEW). Dito sa atin libre lang tayo sa 7(delayed nga lang). Bumabawi lang sila sa commercial para mabayaran din nila ang napaka laking FEE na binabayaran nila sa promoter ng fight.

monsanto said...

i dont mind if they replayed the show 3 times. wag lang yung parang gago sa tagal.