Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Fan Art and Vision

This is a new fan art that I got from Gerard R. Fernandez ,a fellow DeviantArt member. Gerald also have his own flag based character named Salakay. Which for me is a very interesting character.

I always get exited when somebody draws my character. I think because for me, It’s kind of flattering that a person out there spend some time and effort to draw my brain child. I am giving some thought on making those fan art part of Kalayaan comics. I think, I will choose 4 of the existing fan art and make in the pin-up poster of next Kalayaan issue.

I will also be adding this to the Kalayaan web-site, when I have a free time to spare. This past few weeks lately was very busy for me. And that is just the office work that I am talking about. Let alone creating your own self publish comic book. I sometimes even amaze my self to continue what I do. One of my friend (Bien) recently asked me how on earth do I find some time to draw? I guess it takes determination and motivation to continue. Even with some people saying that the local comics industry will "NEVER" be revive. Every body is entitled to their own opinion and I respect him with that idea on his mind. I just don't let those notions affects me. Because I believe that what you think is real, becomes your reality. If you think that you will never be rich in your life time, then that will become your reality. If you think that comics industry in the Philippines will "NEVER" be revived, then
that will become your reality. But for me, no matter what. I will continue creating comics as long as I can.

Ika nga, gawa lang ng gawa ng comics. Tigilan na ang puro sat-sat lang.

I know that I am not in a position to say this, since I am a no body. And I apologize. But wouldn't it be more beneficial to the industry if every one that is so concern would just create their own comics title on a continued series? Just Imagine if every one of us (comics artist) will have a single title every 4 months. I think 4 months is already a compromised time frame for an artist that have a day job. And if you think that 4 months is still a tight schedule for you, then issue a comics every 5 months. If you still can't handle that, then every 6 months. If you still can't, then 7 months. And if 7 months is still not suited for you. You better think twice of becoming a comic book artist at all.

And when I say series, I mean a continued story line. Not a one shot comics or a 3 part comics that the 1st issue has never been followed with the 2nd. Just place your self on the readers shoes and you will get what I am saying.

Readership will follow when there are good products available. "If you build it, they will come" to quote a Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams". Without dreams there will be no striving for a better life. Gaining readership will be slow and hard. But if you perceive in your mind that it will be REVIVE again, then that will be OUR reality.


Chris A. said...

Wow, me blogspot na din pala ang Kalayaan...
Hope I can spread the word about you in my blog sir...
Kaya lang wala pa kong isang issue ng Kalayaan... di ako nakabili nung last Komikon.

Hope makadaan po kayo sa pahina ko.

Gio Paredes said...

Hello Chris,

Nice of you to drop by.
Nice blog you have there. Pinoy na pinoy.