Friday, March 26, 2010

Facts - plain and simple

First of all, I did not create this table. I got it from a friend on facebook. To choose the best person for the highest position in the land. We should get as much information on the candidates as much as we can. We should check their track records, their accomplishments and we should never vote a person because he or she is popular.

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If you have find this information very useful, please re-post it to your blog or any social networking site that you have. Or simply print it and show it to your friends or people that you know. The voters has the right to know about the candidates.


Jun Pamintuan said...

This is why I believe Gordon is definitely the most worthy candidate for that position. Other than his accomplishments, I haven't heard of any negative actions he has done in the past. So far, there are also no existing controversies clouding over his head. He is a man of his word and a man of action.

Villar, I just don't trust the guy..he is too shady and his claim of being poor is a mockery to all people who are actually poor. He has spent and is still spending more than any other candidate. Has paid a whole lot to different actors and known people. If he is poor, then what are we? Dirt poor? He also has this C-5 issue to deal with.

Noynoy? Unbelievable. This guy is seriously almost "nothing" without his Surname. Remove Cory Aquino, Ninoy Aquino, and Kris Aquino in the picture..and what do we have left? He is just riding the waves of the popularity of his relatives. He is even using his father and mother's name for his commercial. Keep in mind that Noynoy is not Ninoy and of course Noynoy is definitely not Cory..he is just Noynoy. He is not even very well known for anything before these campaigns and election preparations. He already had the position as a Senator but what significant thing did he do when he was at the senate? What can he do as our president? Scary ain't it. In my opinion, Bayani Fernando or Binay is way better than this guy.

Gio Paredes said...

@Jun... Thank you very much Jun for dropping by here at my blog. I totally agree with you on this one. I hope our fellow Filipinos do not let TV advertisement dictate their votes. They should look at the facts that who have done many good things to our country.