Monday, March 22, 2010

Members of Bayan Knights

Being a bunch of wacky guys that we are at Bayan Knights. We have made this promotional poster. It is a some what spoof of 'The Guardian of the Globe' poster that I posted a couple of days ago.

The background cover credits goes to Wansworld.

Kalayaan : character owned by Gio Paredes.

Morion : character owned by Wansworld.

Kawal : character owned by DCel.

Bathala : character owned by Jon Zamar.

Bagwis : character owned by Santy.


Anonymous said...

Malaki na inimprove ng mga drawings mo dito Gio. Purely digital na ba gamitmo? Saan mabibili itong mga Bayan Knights?


Gio Paredes said...

@Auggie... Salamat po. Traditional pa rin po gamit ko. Sa mga NBS (national book store) po na bibili ang Bayan Knights.