Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Right on schedule

I just received a .PDF file from FOREX (my publisher and distributor abroad). It contains the final layout of the first issue of Kalayaan together with a few pages of ADS. The minor adjustment are very much acceptible.

I was very much relieved when I receive the email. For a moment there I was very nervous that the release date might move to a much later date because they have a little trouble finding a cheap printer. It turns out, the quotation that they got from their usual printer is much higher than expected. This must be because of the not so good economy of the US right now. It is a good thing that they got an alternative printer that is much cheaper. But the print quality is only newsprint, which is very much expected from a free comics. Here in the Philippines, I will still be distributing and selling an issue for P60 each which has a glossy photo paper and much better paper quality on the interior. So it is pretty much fair for every one.

Everything is right on schedule. Tuloy na tuloy na talaga. The target release date is March 9, 2010 (Tuesday), and it is also the 27th anniversary of Forex. Happy anniversary to you guys, I hope that your company would last 100 or more years. A strugling independent comics creator like me needs more people like you.

There will be an article in the newspaper about Kalayaan that will appear in the March 5 issue of the Pinoy Herald. I am so exited to get a copy of this, the exitement is just killing me. :D


Hazel Manzano said...

again congrats! Post mo dito yung article ha!

Gio Paredes said...

Yes Hazel... post ko rin once nakuha ko na.