Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wall of Heroes 4

This post is taken from the updated Wall of heroes 4 of the Bayan Knights blog site. We just keep on moving with the fourth issue of BK. It is very hard to self publish, specially on the financial side. So any amount from anybody (specially from sponsors) would be very much appreciated. As the deadline comes closer and closer, it gets more and more difficult for us.

A big "thank you" to everyone who dropped by at our Komikon booth and checked our titles out!..

As early as now, the Bayan Knights team are already preparing for our 4th issue. Many thanks to the following people for the support and love! :)

1. Francis Lim**
2. Ruth Genevieve Ong*
3. Pauline Angelica Cole*
4. Jethro Loreto Azores*
5. Neil Maunce Bascos*
6. Mark Willard Wong**
7. Riel Labanda*
8. John Becaro**
9. Myles Chua*
10. Geofrrey Borgonia**
11. Gio Paredes**

***- Thru COMMISSIONS (no free copy)

Donors will be acknowledged in our comics' special "Thank You" page on Bayan Knights #4 PLUS! We're giving a free Bayan Knights sketch card and along with their free copy of a Sacred Mountain Poster and a Bayan Knights issue of their choice.

Here's how to donate:
  • Deposit your contributions through any BPI branch to Sacred Mountain Publications, Account # 4033-04277-4. Kindly write your name on the deposit slip and fax a copy to 655-6780. You may also scan or take a clear photo of the deposit slip and email the image file with your contact details to
  • We also accept payments through Paypal. Kindly enter as the payee account.
Read about how to be part of the Wall of Heroes by clicking this link and checking out "Become our Hero".

Thank you so much, guys! WE ARE ONE! :)
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