Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guardians of the Globe

The Guardians of the Globe will have its own comics soon. If you do not know who this team is? Then I guess you should start reading Invincible. The Guardians are first introduced way back in Invincible #7. It is a spoof of DC's Justice League and Marvels Avengers (yeah I know, that Robert Kirkman is one wacky guy :D) . But now, it seams that Image comics is putting a great deal of interest into them.

Even I was surprised to see that Todd McFarlane's "SPAWN" is going to join this team. The Image guys are still not giving details about this. My own guess is that this title will come out when the whole IMAGE UNITED mini series has finished.

Invincible has been in and out of this team during the series of his title. Lots of members have been fragmented when Invincible and Cecil (the pentagon leader of the guardian [which I hate] ) had a clash in ideology. Cecil's method to protect the Earth is too extreme that he even hires villains and murderers just to do this bidding. This new title that will be releasing on August of this year is very exciting to me. I just can't wait to see who among of the other image characters will join this team. I am hoping(and keeping my fingers crossed) that Whilce Portacio's Fortress will join the team. It is good time to be an Image fan now a days.

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