Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Great Weather

I just came back from Port Area Manila. Manila Times (a news paper company), an old client of mine ask me a week ago if I could come to their office to do some enhancement on my existing program there which is Billing and Collection System, and Advertising and Circulation System.

When I was going there in the morning, the weather was great. Cloudy with no sun and rain. It was just after the rain last night that made the wind so cold. I really like it, since I am more tolerable in cold weather rather that the hot scorching of the summer sun. But later that day, the rain have pour really hard. Many people was stranded because of the sudden flood in españa street. The street in front of UST has literally become a river. I even saw a few street children swimming there. Every year this happens, a sudden strong rain comes and the street of españa disappears. When would they get this thing fix once and for all? They should make a sewage system that is as big as the thing we see in the movie/TV series "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle". If the TMNT would come here in the Philippines, they would simply not fit in our current sewage system. And even if they could, they would probably mutate more and become the Swamp Thing, because of the garbage that keep on clogging our drainage system.

Ah well, at lease it is now cold here, instead of the super duper heat a few months ago.

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