Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kalayaan and Caroq

The guy below Kalayaan with a pair of clurit (maduranese blade) is Caroq. He is one of the new generation of superheroes of Indonesia created by Ahmad Thoriq. Caroq is the favorite character of Berny Juliano. The guy who colored my recent drawing. A great colorist / artist from Indonesia. He asked me if I could draw Caroq together with Kalayaan. I of course said here they are.

Wouldn't it be great to create a crossover team up issue of these two superheroes. And that issue would be distributed not only in the Philippines, but also in Indonesia as well. Even if that issue would be just a one shot issue, that issue would be great because they would be exchanging culture with one another. These two characters would be each representing their country. At lease it is free to dream right?

I scanned first the penciled work. And then after inking it, I scanned it again(of course). I normally don't do this. Most often, I would ink it right away after the pencil. But since Bernie said that he would be also coloring this, I decided to break down the process of making the finished art. Just like what the professionals do. I am now just waiting for Bernie to finish the colors and I would post it immediately here. I think drawing will look great with colors because they are both flag based superhero characters. I am also planning to print this on a large poster, together with my other drawings for the coming komikon. About 10x15 in a glossy photo paper. Now if only I could find a place/store that can do that?

For more information of Caroq, you can click on the following links.

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